The Elephant in the Room

Two drunken fools discuss the big issues, 5 minutes at a time

Episode 16: Legalizing Marijuana

In a game changer, we throw our support in legal recreational pot use, and one of your hosts makes a pledge he won’t soon forget.

Episode 16


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Episode 15: Health Care, pt. 2

The long view on a controversial topic, as well as talk of Sarah Palin and we begin our ongoing hatred of fat people.

Episode 15

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Episode 14: Health Care, pt. 1

In arguably our most serious episode yet, we talk about the recent passage of the health care bill, needed abortions and crack heads. More to come…

Episode 14

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Episode 13: Hating Friends

In our most vulgar episode yet, one of your hosts comes to grips that he hates a friend, goes off on online dating, and we experience our first fight.

Episode 13

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Episode 12: Job Interviewing

We talk about the ins and outs of successful job interviewing tactics, and drop the f-bomb many many times.

Episode 12

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Episode 11: Drinking

In which we realize we drink…a lot, and give away a million dollar idea.

Episode 11

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Episode 10: Book Cred

The Kindle, iPad, Infinite Jest and lots and lots of definitions of “crap.”

Episode 10

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Episode 9: 2 Girls, 1 Cup

We talk way too much about the most disgusting thing on the Internet (until something grosser comes out).

Episode 9

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Episode 8: Twilight

In a continuation of last episode, we explore the sub-sub genres of popular romantic fiction, make fun of popular Mormon vampire books.

Episode 8

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Episode 7: Romance Novels

We learn way more than we ever wanted to about romance novels, and spend too much time making fun of house wives.

Episode 7

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The Elephant in the Room